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Virtual Classroom Workshops

Enhance student learning and engagement with live, interactive Virtual Workshops.

Two New Victory Teaching Artists will join your class virtually via your preferred digital platform to lead you in an interactive workshop designed to dive deep into global cultures and art forms.

Workshops can have anywhere from 5 to 35 students and are 20-60 minutes long (educators will choose the length that works best for their class schedule when booking). Classrooms learning remotely, in-person or a mix of the two are welcome to participate.

Teachers must be present in the virtual space and are highly encouraged to participate in addition to assisting with the technical aspects of the workshop.

Who can participate?

Public Schools, Private Schools, Homeschools, Learning Pods, Scout Groups—you name it!

Our workshops are designed to be accessible to all learners. If you or your students require any specific accommodations (sign interpretation, etc.), please mention that when booking.

Additionally, we know that many students and schools have limited access to WiFi and the technology required to participate in a live workshop. If you’re unable to do live virtual workshops but are interested in engagement beyond our online resources, please contact us  to talk about other options.

How much does a workshop cost?

Workshop pricing is based on a number of factors such as the number of students in the workshop and whether your school receives Title I funding.

Public Schools in NYC


Non-NYC Public Schools who Receive Title I Funding*

Schools who receive between 50-74% of funding:

Schools who receive between 75-100% of funding:

*If you qualify for a Title I discount, please contact us for verification and a promo code.

All Other Organizations/Schools

Groups of 5-14 students:

Groups of 15-35 students:

Download the information sheet to print out for your principals, administrators and colleagues.

Book a Virtual Workshop

Designed to complement specific New Victory Partner Resources, Virtual Classroom workshops are available to book as a part of the New Victory Virtual Partnership. If you’re not already a New Victory Virtual Partner, sign up for free.

Already a Virtual Partner? Select and expand a workshop to start booking. You may request anywhere from one to five workshops per school for the year.

New Victory Arts Break: Explore a World of Arts

(Grades K – 6)

Choose a continent to explore with New Victory Arts Break Virtual Workshops! Workshops will explore the art forms and artistic process of a specific theater company from your chosen continent.

Australia Workshop

(Grades K – 6)

New Victory Arts Break: Australia workshops will explore art forms inspired by Australia’s Slingsby Theater Company. Art forms explored may include immersive theater, musical composition or world-building.
Book Australia Workshop

South America Workshop

(Grades K – 6)

New Victory Arts Break: South America workshops will explore arts forms inspired by Argentina’s Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company. Art forms explored may include dance, storytelling through movement or mime.
Book South America Workshop

Europe Workshop

(Grades K – 6)

New Victory Arts Break: Europe workshops will explore art forms inspired by England’s Oily Cart Theatre Company. Art forms explored may include music, street performance, Commedia Dell-arte or sensory theater.
Book Europe Workshop

Asia Workshop

(Grades K – 6)

New Victory Arts Break: Asia workshops will explore art forms inspired by Korea’s GRUEJARM Productions. Art forms explored may include magic, mime, or clowning.
Book Asia Workshop

Africa Workshop

(Grades K – 6)
Available after 2/15

Lesson planning is underway! A description will be available soon.
Book Africa Workshop

North America Workshop

(Grades K – 6)
Available after 3/15

Lesson planning is underway! A description will be available soon.
Book North America Workshop

New Victory Dance

(Grades 2 – 12)

Students will warm up their bodies and build community through dance. They will also create choreography using objects and physical spaces as inspiration.

Generation YOU

(Grades 6 – 12)

Students will discover ways to share their personal stories and amplify their voice about issues important to them. Students will utilize interview-based theater techniques inspired by Ping Chong & Co.’s Generation NYZ .

Early Arts Learning

(Grades Pre-K – 2)

For the youngest students, these workshops will help students bring stories to life, explore emotions, sing, move and ignite imaginations through art form-based activities.