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A young girl and boy react to a performance with open-jawed amazement.


New Victory takes measure of the magic we see every day.

As part of a cultural nonprofit that believes access to the arts are a right for everyone that begins at birth, New Victory set out to prove that the creativity and collaboration we see at the theater and in the classroom is directly linked to meaningful arts engagement in kids’ lives.

With top research partners by our side, New Victory leads the way in significant research studies to show the quantifiable impact of performing arts on youth development.

Spark Change

The Intrinsic Impact of Performing Arts on Children

Throughout New York City schools, New Victory has witnessed the performing arts’ powerful ability to inspire and ultimately change the lives of young people. With much of the existing research on arts education focusing on outcomes distant from the arts, such as attendance and grades, we collaborated with research firm WolfBrown to investigate the intrinsic impact of performing arts on children.

Does arts engagement impact children’s social-emotional development?

Discover how kids’ access to and engagement with the performing arts…

  • Cultivates an enduring love of the performing arts

  • Expands perspectives and interpersonal skills that strengthen teamwork

  • Inspires creative thinking, which encourages innovation and problem solving

  • Nurtures hope, which fosters optimism and resilience

More on Impact Research

The New Victory longitudinal research study was made possible thanks to the generosity of The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation.

GIVE Research (ongoing)

In New York City public schools, there are approximately 224,000 students with disabilities, 45% (100,000) of which are recommended for inclusion classrooms. To explore how to best engage a mixed body of students with and without disabilities, New Victory partnered with ArtsConnection and Community-Word Project to create GIVE, a collection of tools and resources to innovate interdisciplinary arts teaching practice and better serve students with disabilities.

Discover GIVE

GIVE is made possible through the generous support of The New York Community Trust.

What can we do to foster more equity in inclusion classrooms?

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Market Research on Theater-going at an Early Age

Over a million New York City kids can credit New Victory for an early introduction to live performing arts. In collaboration with the market research and consulting firm ERm Research, New Victory answers the question: Why Bring Kids to the Theater?

Why bring kids to the Theater?

Our data reveals the earlier you bring kids to the theater, the better!

  • 78% of adults who attend theater heavily now saw their first show by the time that they had finished elementary school

  • Adults who attend theater often now are more than 2 times as likely to have seen a show by the time that they were in Pre-K than non-attendees

  • 51% of adults who do not attend theater events today did not attend as a child

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