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The New Victory welcomes all families. We foster an atmosphere of inclusion and, through our facilities and programs, strive to make our performances and spaces accessible so that all families can make regular theatergoing a part of their lives. If you have questions about access please contact us at 646.223.3010 or

Wheelchair Accessibility

All New Victory venues are wheelchair accessible and elevators service all levels of the buildings. The New Victory Theater has a wheelchair lift to the right of the main entrance.

Easy Transfer seats with armrests that may be raised are also available for individuals who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids and would like to transfer into a theater seat.

At The New Victory:
There are no stairs in the Orchestra. Although the elevator services the upper levels, there are a minimum of four steps down to access Mezzanine seating and a minimum of 11 steps down to access Balcony seating.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted listening devices are available for use at all performances. Speak to a House Manager or Usher when you arrive. 

Audio-Described Performances

Through a small earpiece, trained describers will provide necessary detail through descriptions of the live action between the actors’ dialogue.

Audio-described performances are available for the following productions:

RE:PLAY: Sunday, 11/24 at 5pm
42FT – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels: Sunday, 12/22 at 5pm
Treasure Island: Sunday, 3/29 at 5pm
Magic Shadows: Sunday, 4/5 at 5pm

Sensory-Friendly Performances

In consultation with Autism Friendly Spaces, Inc., select performances in our season have been adapted for individuals on the autism spectrum or with sensory sensitivity. Autism Specialists will be available throughout the performance to provide assistance as requested or needed.

For more information about what to expect at Sensory-friendly performances and to buy tickets visit our Sensory-friendly performance page.

Sensory-friendly performances are available for the following productions:

The Pout-Pout Fish: Sunday, 10/13 at 3pm
42FT – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels: Saturday, 12/14 at 7pm
Riddle of the Trilobites: Sunday, 2/9 at 12pm
Snow White: Sunday, 4/26 at 5pm

terpreted Performances

Select performances are sign-interpreted in partnership with Hands On.

For tickets, visit or call 212.740.3087.

The Pout-Pout Fish: Sunday, 10/20 at 3pm
Aesop’s Fables: Friday, 11/1 at 7pm
RE:PLAY: Friday, 11/22 at 7pm
42FT – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels: Saturday, 12/14 at 7pm
Because I Say So: Sunday 12/22 at 1pm
Cartography: Saturday, 1/18 at 7pm
Riddle of the Trilobites: Sunday, 2/16 at 12pm
Drumfolk: Sunday, 3/8 at 5pm
Treasure Island: Sunday, 3/28 at 7pm
Magic Shadows: Friday 4/3 at 7pm
Four Go Wild in Wellies: Sunday, 4/5 at 1pm
Snow White: Sunday, 5/3 at 5pm
Jabberbabble: Saturday, 5/16 at 3pm
Fierce 5: Saturday, 6/6 at 7pm
Não Não: Saturday, 6/13 at 10am

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