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About The New Victory

Bringing kids to the arts and arts to kids…

In 1995, The New 42nd Street launched the revitalization of 42nd Street by creating The New Victory Theater, New York City’s first and only nonprofit performing arts venue for kids and families. The New Victory showcases artistic disciplines and traditions from a multitude of cultures because audiences of all ages deserve theatrical stories and experiences that spark the imagination and broaden our understanding of the world and our place in it. Explore below to learn more about our work!

Performing Arts Education

As the largest provider of live performing arts and arts education to NYC schools, the New Victory School Partnership program makes it possible for 40,000 kids each year to join their classmates and see the same exciting live performances as you do, for little to no cost. In schools across the city, The New Victory pairs these visits with free, arts-based classroom workshops and trains 2,250 teachers in artistic professional development to help educators incorporate the arts into their daily curriculum.

Performing Arts Engagement

The New Victory is recognized among cultural organizations around the world as experts on family play. With thoughtfully-designed content that changes to reflect the current productions on our stages, The New Victory invites families to explore, experiment and engage with live performing arts in a way that deepens the impact of arts and culture on young lives.

New Work Development

The New Victory champions innovative, venturesome performing arts for families. Through New Victory LabWorks, artists of all disciplines receive support to create new, original works for audiences of all ages. More than half of the projects that have been incubated in New Victory LabWorks have developed into full productions touring uniquely American creations across the country and around the world.

Paid Youth Employment & Training

The New 42nd Street Youth Corps provides more hours of paid employment to young New Yorkers than any other cultural organization in NYC. Every year, 100 high school and college age youth are paid for more than 25,000 hours of employment, mentorship and life skills education through jobs in the arts.

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