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What’s New: Early findings from New Victory’s landmark research study on the impact of performing arts featured in National Endowment for the Arts latest report. See why the performing arts matter.

Professional Development

New Victory Education believes the performing arts are an invaluable resource in the classroom. 

An official cultural partner of NYC Department of Education’s Pre-K expansion, the largest in the nation, New Victory works with classroom teachers and arts specialists alike, from Pre-K through 12th grade.

We work closely with educators to cultivate the skills and strategies they need to incorporate the performing arts into their lesson planning and teaching practices. 

Find your art form

New Victory Education provides multiple opportunities for teachers and educators to grow professionally through myriad art forms, including puppetry, circus, dance and theater. Through art making, skills building, reflecting and discussing, participants gain practical strategies for art form-based teaching and learning.

Seasonal Workshops

Free for Education Partner Teachers, these Teaching Artist-led seasonal professional development workshops employ a variety of art forms to explore, discuss and reflect upon. Inspired by productions on the New Victory stage, these workshops are held at the New Victory Theater throughout the season.

The Rhythm of Life (Canceled)

A group of around 20 Teachers dancing in a workshop

Get into the groove and feel the beat in this workshop focusing on various forms of African dance. Inspired by DRUMFOLK, a rhythmic spectacle created by Step Afrika! (The Migration, New Victory 2018) that examines and celebrates the African-American experience in America using hambone, tap, and the African-American tradition of stepping. This workshop will examine ways to explore and theatricalize personal, historical and fictional stories through dance. No prior dance experience is necessary.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
4:30 – 6pm

Free for New Victory Partner Teachers
Limit 5 registrations per Partner organization.

ACTORvism: Devised Theater as Social Justice

Establishing brave spaces for kids’ voices to be heard, and creative ideas to be celebrated, offers them the agency to truly express themselves in imaginative ways. Allowing kids to speak their mind makes space for them to think globally and exact change in the world in which they live. It allows them to not merely exist in a world full of rules, but to thrive and stand strong in the face of adversity, creating systems that work for them. Inspired by Unga Klara’s BECAUSE I SAY SO, this intensive will focus on using peer-to-peer interviews, personal stories, inspirational text and physical movement to create impactful theatrical works of art.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
4:30 – 6pm

Free for New Victory Partner Teachers
Limit 5 registrations per Partner organization.

School Collaborations

These participatory professional development workshops are held at school sites at any time in the school year throughout the five boroughs. These practical Teaching Artist-led workshops are curated to specifically meet each school’s needs and goals in the arts.

Creativity Seminars

Summertime intensives for educators, these seminars delve deep into art forms and prepare participants for the upcoming school year with ready-to-implement techniques, strategies and a range of modalities that can be applied across curricula. Seminar courses are offered for 3 P-credits and are CTLE compliant for NYC DOE educators.

For more information about Creativity Seminars and School Collaborations, please contact New Victory Education at or 646.223.3092.

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