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Classroom Workshops

Create, watch, reflect and connect

Classroom Workshops are designed by New Victory® Education for students to actively explore the art forms and themes they will see on the New Victory stage. Facilitated by two New Victory Teaching Artists, these workshops deepen the students’ experience, bridging the gap between audience and arts engagement.

All New Victory School Partners are offered free pre- and/or post-performance workshops for each production they attend. Partners may opt in to pre-show workshops, post-show workshops or both.

How many students can participate?

The maximum number of students we can work with in a single workshop is 35. This is essentially one class at a time.

How long is a Classroom Workshop?

Workshops are approximately 45 to 60 minutes per session.

Where do they take place?

The ideal space for these workshops is a classroom with moveable desks, a gymnasium or an auditorium that will allow the students to move safely in the space and accommodate full participation.

Do I need to supply anything?

The teaching team will bring necessary materials, but we do require the use of the board/chalk, chart paper/markers or smart board. We will communicate additional requests in a workshop confirmation email.

How can I book a Classroom Workshop?

All Classroom Workshop scheduling will be arranged with New Victory School Partners by email within the month prior to the scheduled performance date.

Ticket orders must be confirmed prior to workshop booking. All Classroom Workshops are subject to availability.

Please note: a travel expense fee may apply to schools outside the five boroughs.

Want to know more?

To discuss classroom workshops and residency opportunities for your school email New Victory Education or call 646.223.3093. Residencies are subject to availability.

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