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What’s New: Early findings from New Victory’s landmark research study on the impact of performing arts featured in National Endowment for the Arts latest report. See why the performing arts matter.

Partner Resources

New Victory School Tool Resource Guides

Available to Education Partners for every show in our season, New Victory School Tool® Resource Guides provide educators with comprehensive materials that explore the arts! Filled with practical, ready-to-implement, art form-based activities that allow educators to incorporate The New Victory into their learning space. New Victory School Tool Resource Guides are designed to support the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprints for Teaching and Learning the Arts, Next Generation Learning Standards and New York State Learning Standards.

Early Arts Learning New Victory School Tool

Early Arts Learning

In this New Victory School Tool Resource Guide: Early Arts Learning, you will find ready-to-implement art form-based activities, creativity pages and unit plan brainstorms adaptable to the needs of any learning space. Each page provides myriad opportunities for educators, caregivers and kids to bring stories to life, explore emotions, sing, move and ignite their vivid imagination. Plus, the last section of this School Tool features a host of family engagement activities specifically geared toward bringing the arts, and a sense of play and discovery, directly into students’ homes!


The Pout-Pout Fish

Oh my blub, it’s THE POUT-POUT FISH! Put your fins together for this brand new musical based on the best-selling children’s book series. After everyone’s favorite frowny fishie tries to glimpse his reflection in Ms. Clam’s mystical pearl, both Pout-Pout and the pearl are suddenly swept out to sea! Can our fish of little faith summon the self-confidence to shepherd the gem homeward through the Big, Big Dark? Be shore to find out! For, after all, not everything in the big blue sea is as blue as it seems.

Oct 8 – 24
Grades Pre-K – 2
Production Photo: Aesop's Fables

Aesop’s Fables

When Aesop escapes his master and embarks on a journey to Mount Olympus, he learns some very valuable lessons, like “where there’s a will there’s a way” and “look before you leap!” You’ll happily keep your eyes wide and your ears open to take in the colorful costumes, enthralling dance and spirited sounds of South Africa in this vibrant opera by the incomparable Isango Ensemble. Sung through in English and a mix of South African languages with a soaring live score of marimba music, sound advice sure sounds sunny in AESOP’S FABLES.

Oct 8 – 24
Grades Pre-K – 2


Creature conjurors! Shape shifters! Material manipulators! The masked mimics of MUMMENSCHANZ make their New Victory debut with RE:PLAY. Inspiring audiences across five continents over four decades with three stints on Broadway, the “Musicians of Silence” will surprise you with each artful scene. A playful production of timeless vignettes, RE:PLAY is as much about what you don’t see as what you delightfully do!

Nov 13 – 27
Grades 1 – 6
Production Photo: Cirque Mechanics 42FT

42FT – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels

Behold! A man so strong he juggles trees! An acrobat so light she floats on air! With a brilliant blur of sequined stilts, feathered frocks and flashing circus stripes, the endlessly inventive Cirque Mechanics upends expectations in a dizzying, dazzling array of acts that have never before appeared on the New Victory stage. Bright with light, laughter and good cheer, this stunning spectacle is a high-flying hit for the holidays!

Dec 5 – 20
Grades 2 – 12

Because I Say So

From offbeat ideas to curious habits, each kid is truly one of a kind. In the unique universe of BECAUSE I SAY SO, colorfully-clad performers in trendy tracksuits ask the question: What if kids had absolute agency? With endless imagination, derring-do and daring dance, this renowned Swedish theater company helps us see and move through the world as little ones do.

Nov 13 – 27
Grades Pre-K – K


Inflatable rafts on the Mediterranean. Dark holds of cargo trucks. Family photos hidden carefully in a backpack. Hear the stories of young refugees when CARTOGRAPHY asks what part we play in the lives of young people who set out into the unsure waters of their futures. In this multimedia theatrical work, witness a world alive with movement and migration as the effects of climate change, war and poverty give shape to where we have come from and where we are going.

Jan 8 – 13
Grades 6 – 12
Production Photo: CollaborationTown's Riddle of the Trilobites

Riddle of the Trilobites

Travel way way way way way back in time! In this live, original musical, set 500 million years ago, all life dwells in one sea and trilobites rule the ocean floor. When young Aphra discovers that the fate of the entire trilobite kingdom rests on her shelled shoulders, she and her arthropod pals must solve the RIDDLE OF THE TRILOBITES before a sea change of epic proportions destroys their home. With humor, heart and eye-popping prehistoric puppetry, this underwater adventure shows us how we can leave our mark on the world when we dare to be brave.

Feb 6 – 14
Grades 3 – 6
Production Photo: Step Afrika's Drumfolk


Powerful. Precise. Persistent. Political. The drum is talking. The music is calling. When Africans lost the right to use their drums, the beats found their way into the body of the people—the DRUMFOLK. New percussive art forms took root and made way for tap, beatboxing and the African American tradition of stepping. From hambone to hip-hop, an extraordinary ensemble of dancers, drummers and musicians takes us from West Africa to Washington, D.C., to reveal the hidden histories and resounding rhythms that transformed America.

Feb 27 – Mar 13
Grades 4 – 12
A marionette of Jim Hawkins holds a green marionette parrot perched on his arm from the Carlo Colla and Sons Marionette Company production of Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Ahoy, mateys! Time to set sail for Robert Louis Stevenson’s TREASURE ISLAND. In this rendition of the classic pirate story, 12 puppeteers animate exquisitely handcrafted marionettes to tell the swashbuckling adventures of cabin boy Jim Hawkins. Battling the high seas and the infamous Long John Silver, can Jim solve the mystery of Captain Flint’s buried treasure? Or will he walk the plank? You’ll have to pay a buccaneer to find out! From Milan’s famed Carlo Colla & Sons Marionette Company, 19th-century artistry takes center stage in this visually stunning production.

Mar 18 – 27
Grades 2 – 5

Production Photo: Emily Brown and the Thing

Emily Brown and the Thing

How will Emily Brown ever get to sleep with The Thing making such a racket?! A friendly but woeful creature, The Thing has lost his Cuddly in the Dark and Scary Wood and won’t stop crying. Plucky, brave and determined to save the day, Emily and her trusty sidekick, Stanley the rabbit, leap into action in this imaginative musical adventure.

Jan 24 – Feb 1
Grades Pre-K – 2
Production photo: A Simple Space

A Simple Space

The seven audacious acrobats of Gravity & Other Myths like to keep things simple. Who needs circus rigging, sparkly costumes or even shoes when you’ve got each other? Balancing, climbing and swinging on one another’s heads, hands and shoulders, this talented troupe saturate their stripped-down spectacle with high-energy athleticism.

Feb 6 – 15
Grades 4 – 12
Production Photo: Ajijaak on Turtle Island

Ajijaak on Turtle Island

Visionary puppetry artist Heather Henson and Grammy Award winner Ty Defoe bring together an ensemble of North American First Nations Peoples to tell the tale of Ajijaak, a young whooping crane who must face her first migration south. Indigenous songs, languages, and dance weave together in this fable about the dangerous effects of climate change on animals and our Mother Earth.

Feb 28 – March 8
Grades 2 – 6
Production Photo: Fiesta con Sonia De Los Santos

Fiesta con Sonia De Los Santos

It’s fiesta time and everyone’s invited! Sunny songstress Sonia De Los Santos is hosting a party and her musical friends are arriving from all over Latin America to join in the fun. Everyone’s brought an instrument from their homeland and is ready to sing, dance and celebrate each other’s heritage and culture. Los esperamos!

March 13 – 15
Grades Pre-K – 3
Production Photo: The Nature of Forgetting

The Nature of Forgetting

When the past begins to dissolve for Tom, a father experiencing early onset dementia, happy childhood moments collide with momentous adult milestones in tangled threads of memory. Through intricate choreography and a cinematic live musical score, London-based Theatre Re creates a compellingly powerful narrative of heartwarming humanity.

March 20 – 29
Grades 6 – 12
Production photo: The World Inside Me

The World Inside Me

Wobbly first steps, ouchie boo-boos, funny faces and lilting lullabies. THE WORLD INSIDE ME uses gentle interactive play, live music, dance and visual effects to illustrate the inner life of our growing bodies.

March 27 – April 5
Grades Pre-K – K
Production Photo: SNAP


Poof! Presto! Snap! Playing with space, time and the otherworldly, this eclectic ensemble of illusionists will boggle your mind. Mixing dexterous sleight of hand, Chaplin-esque vaudevillian comedy and ingenious visual effects, SNAP conjures a marvelous, magical cabaret.

April 11 – 18
Grades K – 6
Production Photo: Silent Voices

Silent Voices: Lovestate

Soaring melodies, interlacing harmonies, and the ethereal voices of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus will echo through The New Victory with SILENT VOICES: LOVESTATE. Driven by their own personal stories and struggles, these remarkable young singers harness the power of their voices to confront the challenges of racism and sexism, as well as their own identities, orientations, boundaries and belonging.

May 2 & 3
Grades 9 – 12
Production Photo: Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days

With a fortune at stake, Phileas Fogg and his silly sidekick, Passepartout, must abandon the streets of Victorian London and circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. Adapted by Laura Eason from Jules Verne’s classic novel, this fast-paced, globe-trotting theatrical romp is jam-packed with slapstick hilarity and comic book-style action scenes.

May 9 – 24
Grades 4 – 12

Bout à Bout

In the whimsical world of BOUT À BOUT (“end to end”), an ordinary piece of rope transforms into a lovable little hero. Along the way, this intrepid bit of twine encounters curious aquatic creatures, a cranky motorist and some springy, stringy playmates, all brought to life through the wondrous puppetry of Le Clan des Songes.

May 29 – June 7
Grades Pre-K – K

Inclement Weather Policy

We must cancel a performance for ALL Education Partners if the New York City DOE decides to cancel school and/or cancel field trips due to inclement weather. If school is in session and public transportation is running, scheduled classroom workshops WILL take place. The Chancellor’s decision to close school or cancel field trips will be communicated to radio and television stations prior to 6am.

In the event of cancellation, updated information will be provided on the New Victory Hotline by 7am each day: 646.223.3090

We will work to reschedule your trip if the performance is cancelled, but may not have the seating capacity to do so. Classroom workshops can also be rescheduled, with the exception of correlating post-show workshops for groups no longer attending a show.

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Resource Guides will be posted above as each production nears. For past School Tools, contact the Education Department at

New Victory School Tool Resource Guides are made possible by a generous gift in memory of Fr. John R. Scarangello, OFM, whose lifelong passion for the theater was a powerful influence on all who were fortunate to know and love him.

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