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At The New Victory Theater, we want the experiences of our audience members to begin long before they enter our theater and continue long after the last curtain call. Our staff—including members of our award-winning Education Department—created activities that can be used before or after you visit the theater to explore a specific aspect of the production. Working together, your family will gain insight into the talent and hard work it takes to produce a show, while learning something new about one another and creating lasting memories as a family.

To create the imaginative world of Ring a Ding Ding, Oily Cart artists created set pieces, puppets and even instruments from recycled materials. This Family Activity, inspired by the design and music of the show, will have your family using the most unexpected household objects to create a symphony of sound. Check out these suggestions for easy ways to make instruments out of everyday items.

Illustration of shoebox guitar   Instrument #1: Shoe Box Guitar

You will need: an empty box or shoe box, rubber bands and markers or craft materials

Using an open shoe box, stretch rubber bands around the box to create the 'strings' of the guitar. Create a custom guitar just like rock stars by coloring or decorating the box. Explore changing the placement of the bands around the box to see if you can change the sounds as you strum!
Illustration of paper towel roll   Instrument #2: Cardboard Shakers

You will need: an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll; tape; dry macaroni, corn kernels or dry beans; and markers or craft materials

Tape one end of the toilet paper or paper towel roll closed with masking tape (make sure you use multiple layers so the tape is secure!). Pour a small amount of dry macaroni, beans or corn kernels into the roll, filling it up no more than 1/3 to the top. Tape up the other end, and decorate your masterpiece. Shake your new instrument to create percussive beats.
Illustration of water glasses   Instrument #3: Glass Piano
You will need: drinking glasses, water and spoons

Fill several drinking glasses with varying amounts of water. Tap the glasses lightly with a spoon to discover the different sounds each glass makes. Arrange the glasses in a row on the table, based on their sound or pitch. You could even work together to create a duet using two spoons and your new glass piano!

  New Victory Ultimate Victory: Homemade Symphony  
Work as a family to a create a complete symphony using all the instruments.
  Think about:
· Can you create a rhythm that repeats for your symphony? 
· Can your symphony have moments with everyone playing together? 

· Can your symphony include moments of solo performance?
· Can you create different levels of volume in your symphony?  

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