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At The New Victory Theater, we want the experiences of our audience members to begin long before they enter our theater and continue long after the last curtain call. Our staff—including members of our award-winning Education Department—created activities that can be used before or after you visit the theater to explore a specific aspect of the production. Working together, your family will gain insight into the talent and hard work it takes to produce a show, while perhaps learning something new about one another and creating lasting memories as a family.

In Mojo, the energetic cast creates an imaginative world that comes to life through shape, color, movement, music and sound. In this family activity, you and your family will get your Mojo on by exploring shapes and music in unexpected ways. 

  Challenge #1: Shape Monsters

Cut out the shapes found in this template. See how many different creatures you can make by arranging and rearranging the different shapes.

BONUS ROUND: Cut out two sets of shapes, and see who can create the following figures out of the shapes in the most creative way: a girl, a spider, and a trumpet.
  Challenge #2: Shapes In Space

Now that you’ve explored shapes on the page, can you create them in space? See how you can make the same shapes (a square, a circle, a triangle, and rectangle) with your body. What are the most inventive ways to do this?

BONUS ROUND: Have a ‘Shape-Off.’ Draw a shape on a piece of paper and show your friend or family member. Challenge them to create that shape with their body. Now switch!
  Challenge #3: Sound to Shape
Listen to this track of music. While your family listens together, separately draw any shapes or images inspired by what you hear. What would this piece of music look like if it was a shape?

BONUS ROUND: Swap drawings and create a sequence of dance moves based on the shapes or images on the paper.
  New Victory Ultimate Victory: Dance Off  
Crank up the music and have a dance off!
How many dance moves can you create inspired by shapes?
If you have a Spotify account, use our playlist of music featuring the composers of Mojo!
  Think about:
· How does the music make you move?

· How many shapes can you make in your body simultaneously?
· What happens when you play different pieces of music?

· Can you create dance moves that you perform together?


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