School Schedule

We believe that students deserve the opportunity to experience live performances that are unique, challenging, inventive and powerful, igniting their imaginations and their understanding of the world around them. We carefully crafted our seasons with shows appropriate for students from Pre-K to High School.

Education Performances during the school day and after school are for our New Vic Education Partners only.


    May 3-May 11

    The New Victory Theater

    Grades 4 – 10

    May 16-May 25
    Pss Pss

    The New Victory Theater

    Grades Pre-K – 2

    May 31-June 8
    Rennie Harris: Funkedified

    The New Victory Theater

    Grades 4 – 12

    June 6-June 14
    Panda's Home

    New 42nd Street Studios

    Grades Pre-K – K