The Young King Synopsis

The Young King played October 13 - 22 as part of the 2017-18 New Victory Season. 
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It is the night before the Young King's coronation but our story begins long ago…

The Old King banishes his daughter from the kingdom when she refuses to find a husband. She runs away to the wild forest where she meets and falls in love with a man; together, they have a son. One night, the man and the sleeping baby are stolen from their home and the Princess, finding her family gone, ends her life. This leaves the baby, now orphaned, at the home of a local goatherd.

Many years later, the Old King sends hunters to find the boy and return him to the castle as the kingdom's rightful heir. Fascinated by palace life, The Young King becomes consumed with his coronation finery and orders the kingdom to create a robe of gold, a sceptre of pearls and a ruby-studded crown.

On the eve of his coronation, the Young King has three dreams about the toils of the citizens: impoverished weavers of gold, a reluctant diver of pearls and many men toiling in the dirt to mine rubies. Each dream ends in destruction and death.

When the Young King is presented with the gifts the next morning, he is haunted by his dreams of the devastation that came with their making and puts on the old garments from his forest life instead: a rough leather cloak, a worn goatherd's staff and a crown of twigs. Dismayed that the makers' suffering was all for nothing, the citizens are bitter and call the Young King a fool as he walks away from the palace and towards the forest that was his first home.