A Sky for the Bears Synopsis

A Sky for the Bears played October 28 - November 5 as part of the 2017-2018 New Victory Season.
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A well-rested bear returns from his hibernation. He realizes that he longs to have a cub of his own. However, he does not know how to become a daddy bear. He sets out to search for answers from his forest friends.

In a different neck of the woods, Little Bear is sad because his beloved grandfather has passed away. His mother wants to cheer him up, so she kindly says that Grandpa is now very happy in the sky for the bears. Little Bear asks his friends to help him reach the sky so he can be with his departed grandfather.


About the Show
Teatro Gioco Vita brings the production of A Sky for the Bears to life by combining the use of rod puppets, shadow puppetry and movement. The performers utilize rear, forward and side sourced light projection to create different visual perspectives and shadow sizes rather than a traditional two-dimensional puppet performance. Masks are also used to allow human actors to portray animals—in this production, two bears. Both shadow puppetry and masks are long-standing traditions in theater throughout the world and date back to ancient times.