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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." — T. S. Eliot


TXT Marks the Spot
Kids search the program for clues to Knee Deep's TXT Marks the Spot.
We at The New Victory are committed to exploration and discovery. We want our audience members to be excited and to discover something new every time you come to our theater—whether it's your first time or your fiftieth! This philosophy was the impetus for adding TXT Marks the Spot to our Public Engagement programming in 2011.  

TXT Marks the Spot combines digital gaming, scavenger hunts and the performing arts into unique experiences for families to enjoy together. Equipped with a map and a personal mobile device, participating families interact with staff as they roam all around the theater, learning more about the New Vic and the performance they have just seen—like what inspired this year’s adaption of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or learning fun tricks from Mother Africa My Home, or discovering how many angels live on our theater's ceiling. 

For our 2016-17 Season, there will be some exciting changes to the TXT Marks the Spot program:
TXT Marks the Spot
Kids complete activities for The Magic Flute's TXT Marks the Spot.
  1. We will now be offering a new version of TXT Marks the Spot that will be available for families at EVERY show in the season. You read that right, TXT Marks the Spot will be available whether you come on a Friday night to see Chotto Desh or a Sunday matinee to see Water On Mars. Every production, every performance.
  2. You will now be able to play TXT Marks the Spot before or after the show. Don't want to stay later? Come early! Trains running slow and you made it just in time? Stay post-show to play! 
  3. TXT Marks the Spot is not just about the show anymore. Look for clues hidden throughout the building, learn something new about the artists' process and ask ushers specific questions to finish your journey. Families will discover new things about the theater and see the space in a new way each time they participate in TXT Marks the Spot.
  4. With each performance there will also be questions about that specific show. This means families will be able to participate in TXT Marks the Spot each time they visit the theater!

And some things will stay the same:
  1. TXT Marks the Spot is FREE for ticketholders. All you need is a phone that can send and receive text messages. Depending upon your plan, standard messaging rates may apply.  
  2. TXT Marks the Spot is created with your family in mind—each activity is for you and your kid(s) to participate in and enjoy together
  3. TXT Marks the Spot takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Don't have 15 minutes? Play as much as you can!


TXT Marks the Spot
Audience members submit their guesses for Knee Deep's TXT Marks the Spot.
But don't take our word for it! Hear what others are saying:

— "My son enjoyed TXT Mark the Spot the most. It was a fun activity and we even got to go to places we've never seen before." — Yelena F.
— "The kids loved the mobile scavenger hunt, TXT Marks the Spot!" — Marjory I. 
— "Awesome. Thanks for showing the kids the theater in a terrific way." — Anne D.
— "It was so much fun! Thank you." — Sarah J. 
— "We had a great time, my son loved it!  It's a great addition to the theater going experience for him." — Marianne P.

What should you expect?
  1. Arrive at the theater early or stay after the show!
  2. Find your code to begin TXT Marks the Spot on well—marked signs around the theater.
  3. Start on the digital scavenger hunt by completing tasks and exploring the theater, while getting to know the New Vic and the show you're there to see. 

New Victory Thumb Want to get in on the fun? Join us for TXT Marks the Spot for any one of our shows during the 2016-17 Season
Posted by Beth Henderson
  1. How did you learn to do that?
  2. What was your inspiration for creating this show?
  3. How do you feel when you are dancing in front of an audience?
  4. Were you able to relate to the character you played?
A Talk-Back with Acrobuffos at the New Vic!
After seeing a performance at The New Victory Theater, people often have questions! If your family is insatiably curious, come to performances with a Talk-Back scheduled after the show to get your questions answered. This post-show program is another one of the opportunities The New Victory offers to let you and your family deepen your awe and understanding of the performing arts. Join in the fun of exploring the art forms presented on our stage by sticking around and literally get your hands in the air and engage with the artists or other guests involved in the story. The artists that come to The New Victory Theater are always excited to share more about their artistic process, their inspiration and their training—and can't wait to hear your questions.


Fly Talk-Back
The men whose true story inspired Fly take part in a special Talk-Back at the New Vic!

As you may know, most of our companies are from around the world, so this year you could talk to musicians from Tanzania, actors from France or jugglers from Sweden, to name a few! Whenever possible, we also encourage the performers to demonstrate a dance move, show how the puppet is made or bring a magical prop back on stage for a closer look. We schedule Talk-Backs throughout the season to give you a chance to get to know our artists better. If you are coming to Oh Boy, X or Julius Caesar, there will be a Talk-Back after every show so that everyone has a chance to discuss the rich themes in these complex shows.

Talk-Backs are always led by our New Victory Teaching Artists, all New York City-based artists. The Teaching Artists guide the conversation and give additional context from their own artistic experiences. Any curious audience member—no matter their age—is encouraged to ask a question and the Teaching Artists help ensure that even the smallest raised hands have a chance to have their curiosity satisfied. We hope that Talk-Backs demystify the art form and help audiences both understand the artists and the way they created each show. Learning about the hard work and inspiration only makes the final product more memorable! 

Hear what people are saying about the New Vic Talk-Back experience!

Talk-Back Audience
Kids and adults are encouraged to ask questions at Talk-Backs!
"The Talk-Back after the performance was wonderful." 

Charlene G.

"The Talk-Back was a big thumb's up...Thank you. We are always grateful for your programming!"

Dee P.

"The Talk-Back was extraordinary. It dded another important layer to the performance because the technical aspect and the craftsmanship and puppetry skills were revealed. It was fascinating."

—  Sharon H.

"The Talk-Back was very good...and the director was very giving and informative!"

Marybeth S.

"The aftershow Talk-Back was a big treat! It was a wonderful experience for whole family. It did not feel like we were in the middle of Times Square, it felt like a small town theater. Thank you!"

Adrianne W.

What to expect at a Talk-Back
— Stay in the theater a bit after the show.
— If you're sitting further back, feel free to move closer into empty seats.
— Discuss question ideas with your family.
— Raise your hand and ask your questions!

So come join us after select performances and deepen your families' theater experience — the New Vic way!

Make sure to check our calendar to see when Talk-Backs take place. Talk-Backs are marked with this symbol

Facebook Can't make a Talk-Back but have a burning question for the artists? Post it on our Facebook page anytime during the show's run and we'll do our best to get it answered for you!
Posted by Beth Henderson
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