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November 15, 2016

Third-Year Usher Spotlight: Brendon Muniz

The New Victory Theater launched the New Victory Usher Corps the day the theater opened to provide paid employment, job training, academic support, mentorship and an introduction to the performing arts for over 50 young New Yorkers each year. Since then, the program has provided over 400,000 hours of paid employment to over 500 NYC teens from across the city. Find out how the young people in your life can apply to be a part of this award-winning program!

All season long, we'll be featuring young people from our Usher Corps in our New Vic Bills and here on the New Victory Blog. Today we're talking to third-year usher Brendon Muniz from Queens, New York.
Brendon Muniz
What has been your favorite show at the New Vic?
Pinocchio. It was amazing. Nothing has ever grabbed my heart or captured my mind like that show did. It included rock music, a talented cast, great humor, an important message for kids and outstanding visuals. An altogether flawless piece of theatre. My favorite part was the beginning when Geppetto sang a sad song, "There's a hole in my soul, there's a hole in my heart!" If I could ever watch Windmill Theatre Company's version of Pinocchio again, I would.

What show are you most excited for this season?
I really want to see Mother Africa. I heard from other ushers that this show is thrilling and I'm excited to see it!

The thing I like most about being an usher is…
It allows you to dive in and learn more about the people who make art. Before being an usher I didn't see the importance of the arts, but after working here for almost 3 years I can truly say this job has definitely allowed me to grow in many ways.

My favorite memory from working as an usher was...
At the Caps for Sale Autism-Friendly Show, there was a little girl who seemed very sad. So when I saw her with a Blue's Clues book, I told her how much I loved Blue's Clues when I was younger. The moment she heard that, there was a smile on her face. We had a great conversation about the show, and she showed me her book collection. She even came back during intermission to continue the conversation.

My dream job would be…
I would like to be a special education teacher because I want to help motivate kids to succeed even if they have a disability. Nothing should stop them from achieving their dreams.

My love of theater started…
When I was 4 and saw a production of Blue's Clues at Radio City Music Hall.

Who inspires you?
My mother. She has always believed in me. When I was in first grade I told her that I wanted to be a teacher and even then she was sure that I’d be great at it. I will always thank her for that.

What's your favorite subject in school?
Critical Analysis. It’s amazing to be able to see different types of literature in a new light and discover ways that they can relate to our own lives.

What's your favorite song right now?
"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not at work?
I love to head to Midtown Comics and read everything that's Batman.

What's your favorite NYC hangout or neighborhood?
While many people say Time Square is only for tourists, I disagree. It's a place where everyone from around the world including native New Yorkers can explore and work. Just standing in the middle of the city, you can see the world. Times Square is truly one of a kind. It does something magical that not many places do: It brings people of all ages together. There's nothing more special than that.

Describe the most challenging thing about being an usher.
The most challenging thing about being an usher is making sure that you appeal to all types of patrons and make their experience interesting and safe. That's what I love about the job and why I'm excited to face that challenge everyday.

Describe your dream vacation.
My dream vacation would be a trip to Germany. I would like to experience its environment and take note of its similarities and differences to the United States.

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