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November 2, 2016

Family Activity: Paper Dreams

Play with dreams, paper and being silly in this Family Activity based on Paper Dreams! For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. You can find all of our past Family Activities (and more!) at

Paper Dolls

If you were a paper doll, how would you move? Would you move with gentle, rounded waves? Or abrupt, straight movements? In this activity, make your own paper doll and imitate its movement like the dancers from Paper Dreams in the photo below. 
Paper Dreams Dancers
Materials: Brown paper bags, tape or stapler

Step One: Create a doll by twisting the bottom of the bag into a head. Take another bag and twist it into a short rope.

Step One
Step Two: Attach the rope to the bag using tape or a stapler. You’ve created arms for your doll!

Step Two
Step Three: Decide who will move the doll first and who will dance first. 

Step Four: Put on some music from Paper Dreams and move the doll. The other person should mirror every movement the doll is making. 

Step Five: What movements can the dolls make? 
  • Can they bend? 
  • Can they raise their arms? 
  • Can they jump?
  • Can they twirl? 
  • Can they take a bow? 

Step Six: Switch roles and keep dancing! 

Paper Jam Band
How many sounds can you make with paper? Try to start a band using just paper as your instrument!

Materials: Any kind of paper (tissue, brown paper, construction paper, copy paper etc.)

Step One: Crumple, fold, rip, slap and roll your paper to see the variety of sounds it can make. 

Step Two: Once you’ve explored all the ways you can make noise with paper, choose one to perform and play for your family. After everyone has sampled their sounds, play your sounds together! Bonus points if everyone can make different sounds.

Step Three: Have a paper noise jam session! Try to play as soft as you can. Try to play as loud as you can! 

BONUS: Every band needs special costumes! Create an outfit using paper. Experiment with large pieces of paper, finding ways to make it into clothes, creating hats, skirts, dresses, capes. Take a picture or record a video and share it with the New Vic's Instagram or Facebook using #NewVicFamilyActivity.

Dream On

What do you dream about? Before seeing Paper Dreams, play with these fun dream-related activities! 

Activity One
Put on some music and tell your child to close their eyes. Tell them a story in the first person, using the prompts below. Invite them to imagine that they are the main character in the story and to pretend that they are doing what you’re saying. 
  • One day I learned I could fly….
  • One time I discovered that I could talk to animals…
  • The other night a little elf visited me and told me to…

Activity Two
Draw a picture of a dream you have had before and then give a tour of the picture to your family. 

Activity Three
Make a dreamcatcher using pipe cleaners. Dreamcatchers were originally made by Ojibwe Native Americans and are believed to give their owner good dreams! 

Materials: Pipe cleaners, yarn, beads (optional)

Step One: Bend a pipe cleaner into a circle. Twist the ends together to secure the shape!

Step One

Step Two: Using a long piece of yarn, create a criss-cross pattern by wrapping the yarn around the pipe cleaner circle. 

Step Two
  • Step Three:
  • Tie a loop at the top of the circle to hang your dreamcatcher and additional strings at the bottom of the circle for decoration! If you’re feeling fancy, attach beads to the bottom of the strings. 

Step Three  

Family Activities

We invite you to share a giggle, try some new moves and deepen your understanding of the performing arts with our Public Engagement Activites: TXT Marks the Spot, Talk-Backs and more!
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