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December 13, 2018

Family Activity: Boing!

In the show Boing!, brothers Joêl and Wilkie are trying to get to sleep, but they're too excited—Santa is coming! In this activity, invent a fun bedtime routine by playing some mini games, help Joêl and Wilkie's teddy bear get to the theater and plan the best fort fun day ever!

At Home
Do your kids ever have trouble going to sleep like Joêl and Wilkie? We have a some ideas for new ways to get to bed!

Step One: As a family, choose two to three of these activities to create a brand new bedtime routine.

Step Two: Choose which order to do your new bedtime routine. When the clock strikes bedtime, start the first activity.

Step Three: You can try out different activities each night until you find the perfect bedtime routine for your family. Which activities put your whole family straight to sleep?


On Your Way
Joêl and Wilkie have two bears by their side during their restless adventure, named Dr. Evil Bear and Panda Bear. Joêl and Wilkie's bear friends need to be ready for the show, but they're having fun playing hide-and-seek on their own. Help us spot them below!

Hide and Seek
They've run into a blanket fort, but it looks like there's more than one bear in there! Help us match Dr. Evil Bear and Panda Bear to their shadows. 

Hide and Seek

Panda Bear in Disguise
Panda Bear has escaped into the snow, and now he's hiding between his snowman friends. Can you spot him?

Panda Bear in Disguise

Seeing Double
Oh look its Dr. Evil Be… wait a second! That's not Dr. Evil Bear! He's met up with his look-alike Dr. Friendly Bear. There are three things that make them different. Can you find all of them and discover who is the real Dr. Evil Bear? 

Seeing Double

You Found Them!
The bears are in Times Square, do you see them? Point them out and tell them to head to The Duke on 42nd Street—they have a show to perform!

You Found Them!

After the Show
Now that you've seen the show, get inspired by their whimsical and wacky behavior with the best fort fun day ever.

Materials: One bed sheet, four chairs, clothespins or binder clips

Step One: Find a bed sheet and four chairs and place the sheet over the chairs to create a tent. Then, use clothespins or binder clips to make the sheet stay in place.


Step Two: Grab some pillows, extra blankets, string lights and a furry friend to make the fort cozier. Does your family have favorite yummy snacks, books or board games? Bring them into the fort too!

Step Three: Turn off the lights and turn on a flashlight. Together, use your hands to create animals and shapes. Can you make a bird? A square? An eagle? A bat? 

And Beyond
Create your own personalized furry friend at Build a Bear Workshop.
Test out your dance moves and wiggle it out until you can't anymore at the Let’s Dance! exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

Illustrations: Siobhan Santini Pellot
Posted by Beth Henderson
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