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March 30, 2016

Third-Year Usher Spotlight: Judy Wu

The New Victory Theater launched the New Victory Usher Corps the day the theater opened to provide paid employment, job training, academic support, mentorship and an introduction to the performing arts for over 50 young New Yorkers each year. Since then, the program has provided over 400,000 hours of paid employment to over 500 NYC teens from across the city. Find out how the young people in your life can apply to be a part of this award-winning program!

All season long, we'll be featuring young people from our Usher Corps in our New Vic Bills and here on the New Victory Blog. Today we’re talking to third-year usher Judy Wu from Queens.

Third-Year Usher Judy WuWho inspires you?
​My parents inspire me because they overcame many obstacles to come to this country to make a better life for my family.

What's your fondest childhood memory?
My fondest childhood memory was experiencing a new world of adventure and excitement at Disney World.

What was your favorite story as a kid?
My favorite book as a kid was Matilda by Roald Dahl because she was a precocious child with magical abilities who found a voice in stories and herself.

What's your favorite subject in school? 
My favorite subject is English because I've always loved reading and the art of storytelling.

Describe your personal style.
My personal style is minimalist and classic.  

What's your favorite song right now?
My favorite song right now is "Here" by Alessia Cara. 

What's your favorite place to eat or grab food near the theater?
My favorite place to eat around the theater is Schnipper's because they have a variety of comfort foods.

What are your favorite things to do when you're not at work?
My favorite things to do outside of work are reading and exploring different places in NYC.

What's your favorite NYC hangout or neighborhood?
My favorite places to hang out in NYC are museums. One museum I particularly like is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan because they have a vast collection of artwork and exhibits.

What's the most challenging thing about being an usher?
The most challenging part of being an usher is providing a unique and personable customer service experience for patrons.

What would be your dream vacation?
My dream vacation would be exploring the culture, food and language of Japan.
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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