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July 16, 2015

Summer Field Guide '15: Issue 3

It's summertime, and here at The New Victory we're busy getting ready for our upcoming season. All summer long, we're offering fun Summer Field Guides for you to celebrate being a kid in New York. Get inspired by the activities below and start getting in the mood for the shows to come!

In this issue, we celebrate Moon Day on July 20th.

July 20th – Moon Day

It can be tricky to see the stars in the nighttime New York sky, but even the glow of our vibrant city can't blot out the Moon. We celebrate Moon Day in honor of the crew of Apollo 11, who were the first astronauts to set foot on Earth's nearest neighbor, 46 years ago, on July 20, 1969. Astronauts are some of the bravest explorers the world has ever known, but every one of them started out as a curious kid, staring at the sky like the rest of us, making wishes on the brightest stars and tracing constellations with inquisitive fingers. Let's turn our gazes upward and join them, shall we?

Design a Constellation

If you stargaze on a clear night, you might recognize some famous constellations: The Big Dipper, Orion, Leo. The identities of these shapes in the sky have been passed down for centuries. Let's find some new ones!

What shapes do you see in the starfield below? Perhaps the hard-to-spot Banana Minor, or the elusive Crabman…

Click to download a printable version of the starfield and connect the dots—er... stars!

Make a Star and Share It

In Théâtre de l'Œil's THE STAR KEEPER, coming to The New Victory next April, a star falls from the sky, and it's up to a chivalrous worm named Pretzel to return it to its rightful place in the firmament for all to enjoy. 

Follow the instructions below to make your own star out of paper. Decorate it however you like. Then, place it somewhere outside so your NYC neighbors can make a wish when they spot it!

As you explore the city this summer, keep an eye out for stars like yours. And if one should fall at your feet, return it to a high place for your fellow stargazers to observe.

Explore the Cosmos 

Did you know you can see the stars even when the sun is out? Just visit a planetarium! The New York metro area has several great planetariums and science museums where you can learn more about astronomy.

Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side –
New York Hall of Science, Corona, Queens –
Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City –
Hudson River Museum, Yonkers –
Liberty Science Center, Jersey City –
Newark Museum, Newark –

Share your Findings

Share your constellations and star designs with us on Instagram @newvictorytheater or on Twitter @newvictory, or take to Facebook and tell us what you learned from a recent museum or planetarium visit. Pretzel would be proud!
  Speaking of Pretzel, that cute little guy returns to The New Victory next April, when Théâtre de l'Œil brings THE STAR KEEPER back to New York. They were last here in 1999—let's welcome them back!
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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