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July 10, 2015

Summer Field Guide '15: Issue 1

It's summertime, and here at The New Victory we're busy getting ready for our upcoming season. All summer long, we're offering fun Summer Field Guides for you to celebrate being a kid in New York. Get inspired by the activities below and start getting in the mood for the shows to come!

In this issue, we celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day on July 10th.

Three stuffed animals: a teddy bear, a velveteen rabbit, and a silly unicorn
July 10th – Teddy Bear Picnic Day

In Margery Williams' The Velveteen Rabbit, a little boy's stuffed animal longs to become real.  Do you believe in make-believe? Now's the time to start! July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic Day, which makes this the perfect weekend to take your favorite stuffed animal on an outdoor lunchtime adventure.

Design an invitation

Blank picnic invitation with a space to draw the inviteeIf you want your stuffed animals to come along, you have to invite them! All the best picnics have thoughtful invitations. Here's an example that you can embellish and fill in, or you can design your own! Stuffed animals especially like it when you draw pictures of them.

Click here to download a larger, printable version of this invitation.

Pick your spot

Here are some of our favorite picnic spots in New York. Where's yours? Mark it on the map! Can't see the map? Try this. Or check out this list from Time Out New York.

Blank picnic menu with fill-in-the-blanks for various meal coursesPlan a menu

What are you going to eat on this picnic? What does your favorite stuffed animal like to eat? Carrots? Honeycomb? Maybe some animal crackers could join in the fun!

Click here to print out a larger, printable version of this menu.

Share your picnic with us

Let your picnic be the envy of all! Snap a photo with your stuffed animal and share it with us on Instagram @NewVictoryTheater, or on Twitter @NewVictory. #TeddyBearPicnic

Mark your calendars! In January 2016, London's Unicorn Theatre presents its charming adaptation of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT at the New Vic. Don't miss it!
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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