The New Vic/New 42 Youth Corps

The New Vic/New 42 Youth Corps is a job training program that provides high school and college-age youth with paid employment and professional training. New Vic Ushers and New 42 Apprentices take on a wide variety of responsibilities bringing them into regular contact with audiences, artists and arts administrators. Their work also provides them with a first-hand look at a variety of shows from around the world, strengthening their appreciation of and connection to the performing arts. Both of these employment opportunities include paid participation in regular seminars and workshops on such topics as professionalism, interview skills, resume writing and customer service.

New Vic Usher Program
The New Vic Usher Program is a three-year program that offers:

  • Occasion to see and learn about the culture and inner-workings of live theater from around the world
  • Job training and workshops in building essential and transferable skills
  • Opportunity to be a part of a supportive team of young adults
  • Hands-on work with kids and families in a friendly, fast paced environment
  • Continual personal and professional growth through the program

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New 42 Apprentice Program
The New 42 Apprentice Program gives students a behind-the-scenes look at the business of running a nonprofit performing arts organization that presents theater, dance, puppetry, circus, opera, and music from all over the globe and close to home.

  • An opportunity to experience live theater from around the world
  • Work with multiple departments through shadowing opportunities and weekly seminars & workshops
  • Meaningful work and a diversity of tasks and responsibilities
  • A mentor in your department focused on supporting your professional growth through regular meetings
  • Transferable job skills including: Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Apprenticeships are offered in the following departments:

NEW VICTORY Artistic Programming
NEW VICTORY Theater Operations
Studio Operations

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